D.N.I, was born in 2019 under the artistic direction of the Peruvian twins, Paulo and Roberto Ruiz Muñoz. Their inspirations are mainly childhood memories and anecdotes. The brand puts social and human respect at the highest of its priorities, this is why the entire woven collection is assembled in Paris with a craftswoman; however D.N.I aims to keep and support Peruvian know-how through the collaboration with Peruvian craftsmen on the segment of knit and embroidery.

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Autum Sweater

USD345 USD (Taxes and duties included)

Caserita Shirt

USD240 USD (Taxes and duties included)

Ceviche T-Shirt

USD90 USD (Taxes and duties included)

Frutas Shirt

USD345 USD (Taxes and duties included)

Mercado Natural Dye Jacket

USD399 USD (Taxes and duties included)

Mercado Natural Dye Pant

USD289 USD (Taxes and duties included)